Motivational interviewing
Training & Consultation

What if you were asked to be a mountain guide but had no training? 

What if someone taught you the skills to guide others up the mountain?

Inner Compass Consulting, LLC trains you (the helping professional) to help your client reach their summit. 

How we help

 Inner Compass Consulting, LLC provides quality training and consultation to helping professionals for the effective use of Motivational Interviewing (MI) skills.   MI is an evidence-based conversational method that focuses on a person's own motivation and commitment to change. It can help providers have a smoother conversation around change which can save time, energy, and improve client-provider relationships. Please read "What is MI?" to learn more about this approach. 

Effective use of MI skills takes training, practice, and consistent feedback.

Inner Compass Consulting, LLC offers:

  • Training Workshops
  • Coding  of MI tapes
  • Coaching (Individual or Group)
  • Referrals to MI Learning Communities
  • Overall consultation on the sustainable use of MI

Services offered in English or Spanish

Through high quality MI skills of the provider, we hope to hear clients report satisfaction in:

  •  an overall sense of feeling understood 
  • safety and trust to collaborate openly with their provider
  •  a heightened sense of motivation to change
  • an active commitment to change

The hope is that this important relational and change-oriented engagement from the client will:

  • decrease burn out for the helping professional 
  •  increase confidence in a provider's ability to promote healthy behavior changes for their clients

A training consultant is a helpful support for systemic, sustainable use of MI skills.


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