Meet the founder

Tara  McCune, M.A., CMHC (UT), LPCC (NM) LMHC (MA), has practiced as a mental health  clinician for the past 7 years with extensive experience in addiction  recovery support and bilingual therapy. She is a member of the  Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT). She has experience  working in schools, community agencies, healthcare clinics, homeless shelters,  and on research projects. 

She  feels very honored to have listened to many unique human stories in an attempt to  support people from various backgrounds and life views. She has  consistently used her MI skills within her work with individuals  concerned about their drug and alcohol use and has noticed the increased client engagement when such skills are used effectively. This, in  turn, has resulted in an apparent decrease in her own experience of  professional burn out, and has increased her optimism and understanding  of the change process. 

It  is with her observance of the effectiveness of such skills in creating  safety, collaboration, and progress (what the client sees as such) that  she now feels compelled to teach MI skills to others for the benefit of  the client, the provider, and the systems in which they exist. She would like to encourage the sustainable use of MI within systems, focusing on the quality of skill retention rather than the quantity of training workshops. 

She focuses on local, personalized training for agencies in the Utah County and Salt Lake County regions. As an avid traveler, she is also interested in working with systems in other states and other countries.